Orthopedic insoles, also called foot orthotics, are intended to relieve foot conditions and to prevent, correct or compensate static disorders of the lower limb. They are indicated: 

  • for children with flat feet, cavus feet, growth disorder or congenital malformations 
  • for adults orthopedic insoles aim to improve comfort, reduce pain present in certain pathologies, prevent foot complications especially among diabetic person, or correct postural disorders that could be responsible for hip, knee or back pain 
  • for persons practising sport, foot orthotics can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury 

The design of our insoles starts with an extensive clinical examination supported by latest generation of technical equipment. FIZIC is notably equipped with tools for electronic podometry and dynamic analysis. 

All insoles are manufactured in our workshop, using different manufacturing technique depending on the specific needs of each patient. FIZIC uses notably the innovative concept OPCT (Heat-Formed Composite Plantar Orthotic) whose principles have been validated by an independent clinical and biomechanical study. 

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Orthopedic insoles

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